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Reviews & Testimonials


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Patient Testimonials

     "Dr. Mark Olbina has been our family's dentist for as long as we have lived on Amelia Island.  When we moved here almost 13 years ago, I had three small children and it was important for me to find a dentist who was gentle, sensitive, caring, friendly, and would give my children a good first time dental experience so they never fear going to the dentist, ever in their lives.  My children enjoyed their first first visit with Dr. Olbina and have continued to do so for more than a decade now.  Dr. Olbina and his capable staff are all very knowledgeable, accommidating, helpful, and professional in every aspect of their practice.  Dr. Olbina is not only well known and respected in his profession, but in the entire Fernandina Beach community as well, for his numerous contributions that have benefitted especially those in most need.  A dental practice that truly lives up to its name......I would not entrust my family's dental care to anyone else."

C. Tomassetti


    "Amelia Gentle Dentistry to me has lived up to their name. All I've experienced has been gentle care and friendly service from their staff members.  They made me comfortable throughout the experience and they brought the meaning of "no pain dentistry" to a new level.  I would recommend Amelia Gentle Dentistry to anyone looking for a great dental experience."

B. LeBlanc


    "Just a short note to thank you and your staff for making my recent visits, as a patient, a very pleasent experience.  My dental work feels good, works good and looks good.  What else could anyone ask for?"

D. Turner


(Note - An NTI is a small dental appliance worn over the front teeth at night to stop clenching and grinding.  It can help with TMJ pain and is FDA approved for headache and migrane relief)

    "Since I got my NTI from Dr. Olbina, my jaw does not ache in the morning.  It used to feel as though I could not open my mouth, but since I began using the NTI, that sensation is gone!  I can open my mouth without hearing any popping sounds.  It is working as it used to - prior to the TMJ problems.  In only one night wearing the NTI, I got major relief!"

J. Davis


Dear Dr Olbina

     Thank you so much for transforming my smile.  Before you put my veneers in, I hated my smile, in fact I only smiled with my mouth closed.  Now I have so much more self confidence, and am smiling a lot thanks to you.  You did a wonderful job.  Thanks again.

S. Randa

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